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The Micro-Biz Pro Academy - Being busy is ok; but, being productive is better

Are you stressed out? Feeling stuck? Finding that there are not enough hours in the day? Wondering why it seems like everyone but you has freedom? Effective time and energy management is the missing piece of the puzzle.

You’ve been working hard, trying to build your business. I see you. You are a hungry and ambitious entrepreneur but, you are working flat out. Like, running at a million miles per hour with no signs of stopping.

I couldn’t be more proud of you for the passion and effort you have poured into your business. With sheer grit and determination, you have brought your business to where it is today. Your achievement should be celebrated.

Now you’ve reached a point where you’re starting to get more work and you’ve realised you need some guidance when it comes to managing your time. You know you could get more out of your business, more out of life, but as things stand you are running out of energy.

This level of activity is just not sustainable. The effects can, and will, have a disastrous impact on your life and business.

Being busy can feel good but being productive feels great. Distinguishing between the two can be difficult and is often overlooked.

Properly managing your time and energy will enable you to take your business to new heights and reclaim your life. Your business has so much potential, you just need a helping hand to unlock it.

A man named Dave

There was a man, let’s call him Dave.

Dave lived and breathed the hustle & grind culture. If he wasn’t working 16 hour days, 7 days a week, he felt like he was slacking off. The world around him was non-stop hustle. Every moment spent sleeping was an opportunity wasted. Nothing would stop Dave from conquering the world. Nothing!

Dave was a seriously talented web developer that loved to get stuck into extremely complex coding and problem-solving. Some of Dave’s clients even went as far as calling him a genius because he was able to make their lives so much easier with the bespoke systems that he built for them and their corporate teams.

Between starting his business and becoming successful Dave did something a little silly.

Dave sacrificed relationships, time, energy and money to achieve what he thought he wanted, e.g to be financially free and secure.

Dave did ok, business was good. That was until his brain decided it had put up with enough. Dave had a stroke. To cut a long story short, Dave had a close call with death and it was all thanks to putting in a little too much graft. Okay, a lot too much graft.

Nobody is capable of working 12+ hours a day, 7 days per week. Nobody. Everybody burns out when they try. Everybody!

As well as having to recover from that horrible ordeal, Dave also had to deal with super intense migraines that brought with them total blindness and partial paralysis that sometimes lasted for days on end. Dave had always had these migraines but now they were so much more intense than ever.

Something had to change. It had to change quickly.

Dave realised that he needed to make changes to his business that would mean it could continue to function even when he could not. Not only that, he realised that for him to be able to continue to function he needed to stop putting in all of the hours.

Dave spent some time studying time and energy management. A concept that up until this point in his life, Dave had given very little thought. In fact, until this point his only thoughts on the matter were if you’re breathing then you should be grafting.

With a little help from an expert (actually, a team of experts and coaches) Dave put together a simple, yet powerful time and energy management strategy. The difference was felt almost immediately.

His work time was more focused than ever but he was also getting more time to himself than he’d ever had since starting his business. With this change also came an increase in his income too. A win-win all around.

The changes Dave implemented weren’t just around how he spent his working hours, he also implemented a strict self-care regimen. Making sure that he was looking after himself properly.

Outside of his work life, Dave also found himself with more time for his children which has made a massive improvement to the quality of his (and his family’s) life. Being able to be successful in business is nice but nothing compares to the feeling of being present in the lives of your loved ones.

I have a little secret to share, I just told you a lie.

I just told you the story of the intrepid Dave. The thing is, his name isn’t Dave. His name is in fact, Michael. As in, me.

By being my own (relentless and unforgiving) taskmaster, I very nearly died. A wake-up call of the most intense kind. Since that day, I have helped lots of other entrepreneurs change their perceptions of time and energy management. Those entrepreneurs have gone onto making real and lasting changes in their lives; which, has enabled their businesses to grow and their personal lives improve a great deal.

Yeah, that sounds cool but, aren’t there other people who do what you do?

Well… yes, many people in the world are willing to help you with time and energy management. I’m a little different though.

I have had time and energy management coaching and, although I managed to glean a fair amount of value from the coaching, I found that most coaches have a system that they expect you to follow. The same system they push on all of their clients.

For some these cookie-cutter systems can be helpful but in my experience, cookie-cutter systems can hardly ever be fully implemented because everyone is unique. We all live and work in different ways, who am I to tell you to follow X, Y and Z when there are so many unknown variables that will mean that only limited aspects will apply to you.

When we work together, we will create a time and energy management plan that is completely bespoke and tailored to your business and lifestyle requirements. I do not push cookie-cutter systems as I know from my personal experience of sinking thousands of pounds into them that they just don’t work.

What can be achieved when you effectively manage your time and energy?

  • Finding the perfect balance between work and home life.

    Balance is hard, to this I can wholeheartedly relate. It may be hard but it is not impossible. The thing with having a healthy balance is that it is a fairly dynamic concept. There are times when your personal life has to take precedence and there are times when work has to take precedence.

    I know that probably makes it sound like it’s not possible but, hear me out. An effective time and energy management strategy in place means that these moments are fewer and farther between; but, when they do occur you will have a framework in place that will mean that it will not be detrimental to any aspect of your life. You will still be able to live your life to the fullest of its potential.

  • Stronger client relationships.

    What makes you the most money in your business? Is it that super-duper product or service you offer? Maybe it’s your sexy branding? Or, it could be your badass website bringing home the bacon.

    Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if that was the case? The thing that makes you money is your relationships with your clients.

    An effective time and energy management strategy includes time for building and maintaining relationships with your clients. These relationships make you the go-to person for whatever it is you provide in the minds of your clients. Those relationships are what have people coming back time and again. Those relationships are what make people want to recommend you to the world.

  • A new, healthier mentality.

    How important are you? Regardless of how you answer this question right now, the true answer is ‘more than anything.’

    So many of us (not just entrepreneurs; but, it is most common as an entrepreneur) leave ourselves off our priority lists. We have businesses to run, families to feed and stuff to do. The thing is when you make yourself a priority, you start to do your best work.

    You are the most important person in your world, without you, there is no ‘your world.’

    When self-care becomes a habit many other areas of your life will feel the benefits. Your business will thrive because you will be at your best. Your personal life will benefit because not only do you have time for your loved ones, you have the energy too.

    The people in your world will also start to take better care of themselves. In your world, you are a leader. Lead by example.

  • Efficiency and productivity on a level that you previously thought was impossible.

    Imagine living in a world where there was enough time to get everything done…

    Well, you don’t need to. When you properly manage your time and energy, your assigned work time becomes so mu7ch more focused. What previously took half a day to complete can now be done in an hour.

    Why is that? It is because you are approaching each task with energy, enthusiasm and passion. The passion that you will find again because you are no longer working for your business, it is working for you. As it should.

    The recovery time you now allow between work blocks means that you can attack each task as if it is the first task of each day. With fire, purpose and intent.

  • A new level of self-awareness.

    Tracking, and reflecting upon, your time and energy regularly will get you in the habit of performing regular self-analysis.

    Being more self-aware has potentially massive implications for your business and life. The better you understand yourself the easier it becomes to initiate change. Development and growth start with self-awareness.

    Being self-aware means that you will be able to spot many of life’s problems before they become problematic. Being self-aware means that you are far more likely to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Can I afford another coach?

What is the cost of not taking charge of your time? How much time and, by proxy, money do you waste each month?

Time is one of the only real things we have to work with. We have a finite amount of it and can never get it back. Can you afford to continue as you are? Losing time left, right and centre.

Time and energy management coaching is an investment in the future, your future. It is what will enable you to ensure that your future is as bright as it possibly can be. It is what will make sure that you always have the time, energy and passion for the things in life that truly matter. It will enable you to make sure that you are always at your best and getting the most out of your time.

Your business deserves a more structured approach. Your business is built on passion and love for what you do, now is the time to turn that passion and love into an effective launchpad for success. Proper time management focuses on how much you value your time, which in turn leads to your customers placing far greater value on your time too.

Won’t all of this take up more of my precious time?

Well... yes.

Instead of trying to make all of the changes at once, we will implement the changes required incrementally. If you tried to change the way you do things all in one go you will likely just end up overwhelmed. The purpose of coaching is to prevent overwhelm. That’s why, when we work together, we will make small, incremental changes to your current way of doing things.

Overwhelm serves nobody. Not one single person ever has achieved anything of any true value in a state of overwhelm.

Taking things slowly will mean that you are far more likely to be able to implement and sustain the changes. The last thing you want is to slip back into old patterns of behaviour.

I’ve read all the books but nothing has worked for me yet.

This is so frustratingly common. You are not alone.

There is no one size fits all solution. There never has been. Everybody is unique; as a direct (and unsurprising) consequence of that, every business is unique.

The strategy we come up with will be tailor-made to fit in with you and your personality and will propel you towards your goals. There is no one strategy to rule them all, we have to do the work to find what works for you.

In our time together I will help you to pull yourself out of study mode and into action taking mode. Momentum is the aim of the game so the focus is on taking action to improve your business and life.

I’ve been chucked in the deep end before, how do I know this is different?

A perfectly reasonable question. A question asked by many.

There’s more to this arrangement than just coaching sessions. I will be on hand should you need some support.

Got something you want to ask? Drop me a message. Got something you need to get off your chest? Whip your phone out and fire away. Want to go over something again? I’m here, you know what to do.

One of the most commonly talked about aspects of my time and energy management coaching is the level of support; support that goes beyond just time and energy management.

I take great care when choosing who to take on as a client. I do everything within my power to make sure that you and I will be able to get along. Trust is vital for what I do. Not just trust in the process, but trust in me.

I genuinely care about the people that I work with. I am as invested in them as they are in me. A connection on a personal level is vital for us to achieve the results you desire.

When you sign up for time and energy management coaching with me I am available for support Monday to Friday 9 am - 6 pm.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Some of my wonderful clients will be able to tell you better than I.

Okay, enough waffling. Just tell me how much it costs!

I’m glad you asked the question. Okay, you didn’t ask the question, I asked it for you. But still, what a question!

There's more to this than just a few tips on how to better manage your time and energy. A lot more. Before I get into what monster value you’ll get out of the programme I’m going to be upfront with you about the cost. The price is £2250 for 6 months of time and energy management coaching. There's a pay monthly option too at £450 per month. If you go with the paying it in one hit option then you will only be paying for 5 months and you get a month on me.

In our time together, 6 months to be precise, we will have weekly coaching sessions via zoom. The recordings of these sessions will be sent to you after the session so that you can look back on it at a time of your choosing. Individual sessions normally cost £197 so this is a bargain.

On top of that, I will also be available via email or message to provide any on the spot support and advice that you may need. I will be available from 9 am until 5 pm, Mon - Fri.

You will get the accountability you need to implement the plan and to achieve the results that you desire. Nobody is an island, and with my support, you don’t have to try to be.

We will make self care a priority so that you are always coming out on top. It’s all well and good having a successful business but it doesn't mean a thing if you are not taking proper care of yourself. As an extremely empathetic person, when I take you on as a client I fully invest myself emotionally into your world. I do want you to win, to succeed and to achieve your goals.

TL;DR - Just give me the damn FAQ’s

  • How do I know if I need time and energy management coaching?

    How often do you find yourself saying, “I don’t have the time for that?”

    I bet it’s more than you’d like, right? If you feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day and you are always chasing your tail then managing your time and energy more effectively is the missing piece to the puzzle.

    If you find yourself feeling exhausted and overwhelmed regularly then you are probably wasting time and energy in a big way.

    If all of your time and energy is spent on your work how can you possibly hope to enjoy the fruits of your labour? Properly managing your time and energy will enable you to unlock your full potential and start living the life that you have been pining after since you started your business.

  • I already don’t have enough time, how can I possibly find time for coaching?

    A perfectly reasonable question and one that I am happy to answer.

    The session we have will cover all that needs to be covered but, we will create a plan of implementation so that you can implement those changes slowly to prevent yourself becoming overwhelmed AND to prevent you from using the plan as a reason to procrastinate further.

    As an additional plus point, there will be no worksheets or whatever for you to complete. After all, we’re not in school anymore, are we? Instead, you will receive the recordings of each session. I’m here to make your life easier and your workload a little lighter.

  • I’ve had coaches before and I found it all really overwhelming.

    This is something to which I can relate. Lots of coaches tend to give great advice and guidance in the sessions but leave out the emotional support.

    Working with me is different. I am very careful about who I take on as a client because I fully invest myself emotionally in your world. Working with me, you don’t just get great coaching. I will be on hand should you need to talk. If you drop me an email, I will reply. If you send me a text, you bet your butt I’m texting you back. You give me a call in a moment of need? I’ll be there, don’t you worry.

    One of the most commonly mentioned aspects of my coaching services is my commitment to you.