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5-Minute Focus

5-Minute Focus is a series of short videos of techniques you can use so that you can be more focused and creative - Mike The Biz Guy

Finding the focus required to sit down and write your next masterpiece can feel a lot like trying to reassemble a cliff face from grains of sand in the dark.

Basically, there are times when it is virtually impossible to actually create anything.

The 5-minute focus series will help you to go from whimsical ideas to actually create. Each video will be around 5 minutes (who’d have guessed it, eh?) and contain an instantly actionable technique that will help supercharge your creativity.

If you are creative then this series of videos will be your lifeline. Your art, and your creativity, are a gift to the world. To procrastinate and deny the world your creation is to do the world a disservice.

Drop your email address into the form below to get your hands on a pdf of things you can do right now to give your creativity a boost and improve your focus. Not only that, but you will also receive notifications whenever a new video has been uploaded.

Nothing in this world is as important or magical as your creativity. Your creations are your legacy, your medicine, and a comforter, all wrapped in a beautifully unique package.

If the 5-Minute Focus videos help even just one person to carve out some time to put pen to paper and let the magic flow then I will have done my job. If that person ends up being you then I would love to hear about it. Drop me an email or hunt me down on social media and let me know.

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What is the 5-Minute Focus youtube channel and who is it for?

The channel has been designed with fiction writers in mind, with that being said the tips that will be shared are very much transferable to other areas of life.

If you are a creative writer then the 5-Minute Focus youtube channel is absolutely perfect for you.

You will learn some absolutely game-changing tips and techniques that will massively boost your creativity.

For too long you have put off writing that book and sharing your story with the world. I say, No More!

No more waiting until life stops being so busy. No more dreaming about the day you get to start uncovering your story. No more selling yourself that same old tired line of, 'I just don't have the time'

You will write that book. You will create that work of art. You will.

What is 5-Minute Focus

Written By Mike on 26.04.2021