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Demystifying Tribe Building - Mike The Biz Guy

Building your tribe around your brand can seem mystical in nature

It’s not magic.

It’s not complicated.

It’s not a numbers game.

It is hard work.

It does require commitment.

It does require empathy.

You have to build trust before you can start bringing people into your world.

I talk about trust building a lot but there’s one side of it that I don’t speak about nearly as much as I should.

And that’s ensuring that they are trustworthy.

In your personal life you would only want to surround yourself with people that you trust.

You develop that trust by getting to know them.

You investigate their ethics, values and motives.

So why would you not do the same with your business?

It is my belief that everyone has their own tribe out there just waiting to find out that you exist.

Those people are the ones that you are going to gel with.

Those people are the ones who will part with their hard-earned money and put it into your coffers.

Those people will sing your praises from the rooftops and drive customers to your business.

Those people are the lifeblood of your business so pick them carefully.

I’m not trying to suggest that everyone else is out to get you, not even for a second. What I am in fact trying to convey is that the people who don’t fit into your tribe will not value you or your product and will end up not being worth the effort.

Pick your people to make sure that you are compatible. It will ensure that you and the customer both have the best possible experience together, which leads to a win-win all round.

Demystifying Tribe Building

Written By Mike on 28.07.2020